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The Time is Now: Planning the Perfect Landscape for 2023


You open your back door and step onto your “patio,” AKA the cracked pad of concrete full of speed bumps and tripping hazards. You sigh. Looking out into the lawn, you’re met with the not-so-green spread of turf that has consumed too much water, too much money, too much time. You were never cut out for this weekly mowing thing to begin with. Surrounding the withering lawn are beds of doomed perennials, a monstrous juniper bush that consumes half your yard, and weeds… so many weeds. You sigh again. Below the mess of vegetation, frayed edges and bald spots baring landscape fabric haunt you. “But how are the weeds still growing?!” you angrily wonder. Swatches of opposing rock materials have somehow made their way into your yard, creating an unsightly mismatch of colors. You can’t stand it anymore. 

That’s it. You’ve had enough. You know you love your time outside. You’ve got dreams for a better yard: a space to be proud of, a space that you can step into and not feel stressed out.

So, you’re ready! We’re here for you, and we see how your yard holds vast potential to be an outdoor living space that reflects who you are, what you love, and what brings you joy. Let this be the year of transformation. 

At KALEIDOSCAPE, the process for a new client in beginning their project is straightforward and simple, but it does require planning ahead and taking action. If you’re ready to enjoy a new landscape this year, contacting us ahead of time is crucial to meeting those timeline standards. We are a small crew of hard-working people that make up both our in-house design and installation teams. This proves to be a positive experience for our clients, as the communication and translation between design and install is never compromised or lost. We have a set of procedures that are fully met before your project even physically begins. Once it does, our team stays onsite until everything is finished, and you have your final walkthrough.  

Because we take the time to meet each standard along the way, we maintain smooth operation by scheduling projects ahead of time. Our project lineup for the year fills quickly, and clients are assigned positions only upon completing the consultation and design process. You are only guaranteed a spot once we have agreed upon and signed a contract, and the first deposit has been collected. 

The foundation of our work is rooted in quality. We never compromise that, and we’re with you literally every step of the way, from brainstorming and designing, to building the yard you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready for the change, we’re ready to make it happen for you in the most seamless, enjoyable way possible. Let’s do this! 

So what’s the first step, you might ask? Hop on over to our website and fill out the Contact Form to introduce yourself and give some insight on what you’re looking for. You’ll hear from us within 72 hours, and we’ll get the ball rolling from there. Get excited and get ready. You’re about to get that yard you’ve always wanted. 

2023, you’re going to be one for the books! 

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Keep warm and stay happy. Until the next Backyard Blog meetup! 



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