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We are so glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to geek out and talk landscape with you all. The canopy of landscaping is so vast, with topics ranging from hardscape, water, botany, soil health, xeriscape, climate, and all the unique conditions that make Colorado a challenging, yet rewarding, state for outdoor living. We’re getting excited just thinking about it, so let’s dive in. 

Hi! We’re KALEIDOSCAPE, and we see the potential in every yard. Woman-owned and operated, we are a design-build landscape company serving the awesome people of Northern Colorado. We LOVE the outdoors (we’d be terrible landscapers if we didn’t), and we work hard to design innovative spaces and build professional landscapes that encourage outdoor leisure. 

Speaking of the outdoors, Fort Collins has an average of 300 days of sunshine each year! There are no excuses to stay inside. We are lucky to live in this beautiful state, and we should take full advantage of its long, sunny season. Time spent outdoors improves mental and physical health, creates community, and fosters important connections back to the natural world. We ultimately do our work in this industry to support and encourage the human-nature relationship. 

We know that you’re here with us, in this little cyberspace corner, because on some level you feel the importance of the outdoors, too. Whether you’re a seeker of knowledge, a green-thumb (or black-thumb) gardener, a fellow contractor, a prospective client, or you’re not sure why you’re here but you are… thank you. You are all part of the KALEIDO-Crew, and we look forward to our time chatting, learning, and growing together. What we promise to our readers is this: KALEIDOSCAPE will always continue learning and improving. Here, we’ll meet you with all the challenges, research, firsthand experiences, FAQs, seeds for thought, and everything in-between. 

As mentioned earlier, the universe of landscaping is exactly that… a universe. There are so many relevant and exciting topics constantly surfacing in our industry. We’re eager to do some digging (literally and figuratively) to get to the good stuff that makes landscaping so interesting and important. We hope you’ll join us for the season. Want to stay in the loop? Be sure to hit the subscribe button, and we promise we won’t spam your inbox. 

We look forward to our next Backyard Blog meetup, KALEIDO-Crew. Take it easy.

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